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Please  excuse the brevity while we frame the future of your next project.

 Advanced Modular Design was established around the need to fill a very real void at the crossroads of light gauge steel design and modern day efficient building practices. We aim to address clients immediate needs or interests to include BIM framing design into their current programs and construction practices as well as foster relationships with our customers to help them grow into new practices as they see fit.

Solid experience on all sides of the construction process spanning between field install, production shop management, BIM design, coordination, in-house structural engineering and even roll-forming equipment repair. Allow these experiences to be used to benefit and leverage all that we know to continue to surpass your competition and become more profitable as you do. 

  • U.S. Based Company and Labor.

  • Structural Engineering Stamped in all 50 states.

  • Specific Knowledge of Framecad, Howick, Arkitech, Knudson and Scottsdale Roll-Formers.

  • Workflows for traditional framing to full CNC integration and anywhere in between.

  • Custom Solutions to make your company as productive as you can be.

  • Assistance and Consultation to companies new to panels and BIM Framing.

PHONE: 208-419-0142

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